Where’s My Luggage?

Lost Luggage

Over 1 million bags of luggage were lost in the last year.  Wow, that is a lot of people being Inconvenience . Can you imagine arriving at your destination only to realize that everything you need is unavailable. That is a huge problem and incredibly time consuming.  Airlines have tried their best to correct this issue but it continues to be one of the biggest challenges when traveling. I remember this happened to me when I was flying from NY to Oaklahoma. I arrived safely only to realize my luggage was in California. I contacted the airline and they corrected the problem but it was over 14 hours later. It made my stay much harder as I didn’t have some items that I was counting on using.  This got me to thinking, what if the luggage wasn’t lost, but I was!

It sounds funny but just think, my luggage was in the beautiful sunny state of California and I was in Oklahoma. I mean no disrespect to the Sooner fans but even they would have to admit that the California weather is much better.  My luggage was having a good time on the west coast and I was miserable where I was. I was basically existing without my basic essentials. Everything I needed was in that luggage. I needed it and it belonged to me but it was serving me no purpose because it was in a totally different area.


I truly believe that many times in life we put ourselves in this situation.  Our luggage or our resources, happiness, and desires which are connected to our purpose,  are in one place but we are living without them and merely existing somewhere else. Airlines are losing millions are bags of luggage but even more people are losing millions of bags of dreams.  I would have rather been in California with my luggage than to be in Oaklahoma without it. Our purpose comes with the resources we need, the relationships we need and the favor we need but we have to trust the path laid before us to enjoy it. Instead we endure and exist. We stay in relationships that are unhealthy, we work at places we literally hate to make money that will never get us to where we need to be. We stifle our growth and productivity all because of the fear of walking in purpose, which is the unknown. Now I am not saying that the path of purpose is smooth, there will be tons of challenges and disappointments but the same goes for not walking in your purpose. They both have challenges but at least with your purpose you are building your brand and vision. The return on investment is so much higher than just playing it safe.

lost-luggage1 (1)

So I will leave you with this, I am telling you that your luggage is out there somewhere. It is just waiting for you to claim it and take what rightfully belongs to you.  Don’t go through life hating your job, relationships and possessions when you have so much more that you are entitled to. No, don’t believe the lies that you can’t have it. It may be challenging and it you will have to work for it but the weather is MUCH better in California!!!


What Did The Patriots Epic Super Bowl Win Teach Us?


 As a diehard Pittsburgh Steeler fan from the late 70’s, whose favorite players are John Stallworth and Rod Woodson and being a victim of the current Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots, I can’t tell you how painful it is for me to write this article. I despise the patriots, no really I can’t stand them.  However, I have to give them credit for an unbelievable , incredible victory. Not just a victory but a win for the ages.  Not only did they put on arguably the best super bowl in history, they also provided an awesome teaching and life lesson for us all. Did I say I hate the Patriots?

     Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Let’s just say that for some strange reason someone didn’t watch the game. They watched the Law and Order Special Victim marathon instead (good choice).  So the following day they happen to be on the train to work and see a passerby’s newspaper stating CONGRATULATIONS PATRIOTS ON YOUR EPIC SUPER BOWL WIN! 

     So now they know the score and are very intrigued to actually watch it for themselves. So they immediately get to a quiet area and start watching the game on their device. They want to see this amazing Patriots team dominate the Falcons for the championship.

     To their surprise the Falcons have a 3rd quarter lead of 28-3! Whoa! Isn’t this just like life? Either we read in the Bible that we are the head and not the tail, we are healed and prosperous, and victory is ours. Or we have a plan for our life that states at 20 years of age we will be here, at 30 we will be here and at 40 we will be here. Then we look at our actual performance and see it is so far removed from what we see as the ideal. We look at our own life and we are down 28-3, late in the game. This is the reality for many individuals, where nothing looks like how it was pictured. What then happens is we begin to question everything.

     Maybe I read the paper wrong. Maybe it didn’t say that the patriots won. Maybe it was a spoof paper, or it was an old paper. It can’t be right because look at the score.  What I am seeing with my eyes isn’t matching what I actually read.  More importantly, maybe what I read in the Word is not for me, maybe the Bible is not for this day and age, maybe what I read about God’s promises for me are wrong. 

     After the questioning period many people leave or give up on the process before the miracle happens. How many people left the Pats for dead yesterday? How many memes were made making fun of Brady and the Patriots before the comeback, how many Patriot fans turned off the game before then end? How many people crowned the Falcons prematurely? Likewise in our lives. How many people give up on their dreams too soon? How many people ridicule you because they think you are losing? How many family and friends have left you before your comeback? 

Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots reacts after defeating the Atlanta Falcons 34-38 in overtime during Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Jamie Squire,Getty Images
Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots reacts after defeating the Atlanta Falcons 34-38 in overtime during Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. Photo by Jamie Squire,Getty Images

     What the Patriots did to overcome all the obstacles involved 2 things:

     1) Keep Playing- They kept the game going and did what they do best. Play football. They never quit playing because there was still time left in the game. Whenever there is time left, that means there is still an opportunity for victory. By continuing to play they kept themselves in the game. We cannot quit no matter how far are dreams may seem to be. The only way we lose is if we quit. Everyday you wake up is another day to get closer and make progress. Keep pushing and making moves, and stop looking at the score.

     2) Step up the pressure- The Patriots not only kept playing they also stepped up the pressure when they had to.  For them to win that game they needed to place a sense of urgency in their play. They blitzed more, and they were more aggressive than they were in the first half. As a result things started to adjust in their favor.  Well for our dreams to become reality we have to do the same. If you usually call 10 prospective clients a day step it up to 30 or 40, if you go to 1 networking event a month step it up to 4 to 5 a month. Stepping up the pressure is a key to making the dream a reality.

     So as frustrating as it was for me to write this article and give the Patriots praise, what they displayed was incredible resiliency, poise and determination. They showed the heart of a champion. They laid the blueprint for success this year, and they inspired millions and Congratulations to them for doing that. I think I am going to be sick!



2017, The Year of Collaboration!!!

2017, The Year Of Collaboration!!!

      So many new businesses were started in 2016. So many of my social media friends made the leap into entrepreneurism. Whether it was starting their own company, or joining a multi-level marketing business, they made decision to leave their typical 9 to 5 to branch out on their own. Especially among African-American women who began businesses at a staggering rate. I like to call 2016 the year of the entrepreneur.


      We all know initially the excitement and enthusiasm of anything new keeps you going for the first few months. However after that wears off, and the reality of uncertain cash flow, delayed or cancelled meetings start to happen the feeling of concern becomes real. This happens to just about everyone, some quit and some push on pass this give up point.

     For those who push on pass that checkpoint I believe they have an oasis in the desert coming. The most logical step I see is to partner with a business or individual who is in line with your vision and build together.  Now I am not saying to close up shop and merge with another company but I am saying that partnership can be a key way to grow your relationships, income and influence. Partnership may not be for everyone but here is why I think it can be a solid idea.

     1) Credibility– One reason some businesses are not as successful as they can be is simply because of credibility. When people do not know you or your product they don’t know if they can trust you. If they can’t trust you why should they support your business? Partnering with a credible business immediately can help your presence. When Gayle King invited TSY to her home and donated suits/ties to our organization that did a great boost for our credibility. Same result when Butch Graves (CEO Black Enterprise) invited us to his home to gather suits.

     2) Exposure-Being able to partner with a larger organization helps with tremendous exposure. Once they post on the social media pages that you have a partnership with them, your value increases. Always have video, photos, etc. to take advantage of your relationship and share it with your clients/customers/audience. When TSY partnered with HBO/ABC/CBS, we took a tremendous amount of footage to capitalize on the relationship and shared it to show the collaboration and work we were doing.


3) Growth– Maybe your collaboration is not with a larger company but with someone who is growing like yourself or slightly bigger. That is still great because both of you can build off the other. Together an alliance is still greater that just going at it alone. Since the year has started I have personally partnered with 3-4 individuals for a new book deal, fashion show, service partnership, and a couple of other activities still in the works. So mutual growth is fantastic and exciting.

     Either way major work is always the common denominator but if you come across the right person, or company at least consider the idea of how a partnership can work to help you to build your brand.


Black Men Stop Being So Sensitive

Black Men Stop Being So Sensitive!!!


     In Light of the recent Phil Jackson comments calling Lebron James business partners/friends, his “POSSE”.  And the criticism that Cam Newton gets for stating that he doesn’t get the calls that other elite QB’s get. Not to mention your regular business executives/workers and the issues that they see regularly but do not mention for fear of being labeled sensitive or trouble makers. Black men are in a classic catch-22 position, sensitive if they do, dammed if they don’t

Oct 30, 2014; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) reacts in the third quarter against the New York Knicks at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-186268 ORIG FILE ID: 20141030_ajw_ar7_281.JPG

I listen to a lot of talk radio. In the Lebron case many people were saying, what’s the big deal? Phil Jackson didn’t mean anything by calling his group a posse. From their point of view the meaning of posse is just a group that shares the same ideas or interest. Why is he is upset over that, doesn’t he and his associates share the same interest? In definition they are correct, in theory, they are correct, but as we all know we don’t live life in theory or definition. Especially as a black man in corporate America, unfortunately there are messages behind the words. My question to Phil supporters in this case would be, How would have Phil Jackson referred to Trump’s sons? How would he address Michael Phelps and his friends? I highly doubt that he would refer to them as a posse. But by Lebron addressing this concern people want to say he is being sensitive. In my opinion, Lebron wasn’t even responding for himself or his friends, I feel he was responding for other black men who do not have a voice or platform to get this conversation in the forefront. I have said it before and I will say it again, many people really don’t even realize that their words or actions are offensive and insensitive. While writing this I just read in the NY daily news how a Dr. making 360, 000 a year just posted on her FB account that First Lady Michelle Obama had a monkey face and spoke poor Ebonics. And in the same post said she is not a racist.

Serious man

Lastly, it reminded me of my first job experience where I felt I had a good relationship with my supervisor a GANNETT newspaper on 42nd street back in 1990. I felt he was a solid fair individual and always gave me little bonuses and tips. The only problem was he always called me slick. I was a young guy so I didn’t really pay too much attention to it but as I think back on it that was horrible. I never voiced any displeasure and he sure never apologized as neither of us thought anything was wrong with it. So I think bringing attention to issues like this is always appropriate because it may help to see how insensitive some things really are.  When we don’t talk about them we continue to allow these issues to be ELEPHANTS in the room. So I encourage black men to continue to voice displeasure over such issues and lets continue the dialogue to expose, discuss and correct such issues. I believe that is a much better solution, that works better than bringing our posses up to handle it.

Calling All Black Men…It’s Conference Time!!!

Lucinda Cross, Cheryl Wood, Tiana Von Johnson, Camara Aunique, Kela Walker, Renae Bluitt, Tonya Rapley, Tiffany O Aliche, Janvieve Naemani Fogle, Kimberly Ferguson, Regina Robinson, Shaniece Wise Armstrong, Tricia Lee, Cameeka Smith, Dr. Tamarrah Tarver

You may say, your topic is about men so why are you listing all these women. Simply because these women are killing, and killing it big time. And this is just some of the women that I either know personally or follow who are making a tremendous impact in their respective fields. Not only are they doing it individually but corporately as well. Among them you have conferences like Tiana’s WOMEN DOING IT BIG, Lucinda’s ACTIVATE 2016, Dr. T’s PRETTY GIRL WEEKEND, Cameeka’s BOSS NETWORK and Cheryl’s PLAY TIME IS OVER 2016 to name a few. I have found that very admirable about women, how they group together and have events and pack the house. That is awesome as it displays unity, support, teamwork and dedication. Now I am quite sure that they have issues, challenges and setbacks in putting these events on but nonetheless they go forward with them and bless so many individuals.


I have only found only a few of these events for men and not nearly at the rate the women have them. One of the reasons is that black women are growing at the fastest rate in reference to entrepreneurship, which is amazing. Even with that being true, we still should be seeing more of these events involving our black men.  With have some awesome black men doing some great work and conferences would be a great way to share that information and to inspire more black males. Women are coming away from those women conferences I mentioned on fire, and determined to build their dreams and vision. That is what can happen for the next generation of men once we start having our own conferences. The knowledge and wisdom that is gained from sitting under today’s great leaders and having that up close and intimate time of dialogue is simply priceless. I appreciate the efforts BLACK ENTERPRISE have put forth with their BE MODERN MAN campaign, that I am fortunate to be a part of. They have taken the opportunity to change today’s narrative and have highlighted the accomplishments of black men across the country. We need more of that.


I was having this discussion with another gentlemen and his reasons that there aren’t as many conferences for black men as there are for black women are financial and lack of support. He basically felt that unlike women, men will not flock to see great black entrepreneurial leaders, so events will not be packed out. Also while women go to their events 3, 4 and even 10 deep with their girlfriends, men may go alone or maybe with 1 additional person. While women will travel from across the country to come to conferences men will not. And lastly most men believe that they do not need to hear what they can learn on their own. Basically putting the crib together without reading the instructions, I can wing it. Now while some points may be valid I believe that based on the success of these women’s conferences we can learn to cater to what men need to put on some real successful events. If you have the right speakers, in the right venue it can be a great opportunity. I have decided to speak to some great brothers here in NYC to do some great events. I believe the time is now and we have to take advantage of it. I have also started a Facebook group BLACK PROFESSIONAL MENtors to celebrate and highlight black men so have all the guys you know join us and let’s get busy. Come on guys we can’t let the ladies have all the fun!!!

Help!!! I Hate My Boss!!!


How many times have you heard this? How many times have you said this? I know I have heard and said this many times.  Actually a great number of people feel this way at some point in their professional career. From my personal experience and from the individuals I have spoken to It comes down to 2 reasons.

The first reason many individuals hate their boss is because their boss lacks people skills. That is a tough situation to be in. The person that you get your guidance, direction, input and leadership from talks to you in such a harsh, disrespectful manner. Whenever this is the case the dynamics involved in that work relationship can make things very ugly. The supervisor may know the technical or book knowledge to advance to be the supervisor but may lack in knowing how to express themselves properly. So people begin to hate any encounter, meeting, or discussion with them. This can also effect performance because feelings for them will leak over into other work areas. This can lead to not being as excited about their job because of a fear of being addressed by them. Some people I have spoken to even fall into a severe depression that spills over into their family life. They also feel trapped because they know they need the job to pay bills but hate going to work. The strange thing is  the boss may not have a clue that they lack people skills and may even begin to look at workers like they have no idea what they are referring to.


The second reason and the one that I can relate to is the season may be up for that boss or job. So It may not be that there is hate for the boss but a hatred for not living or building their dream. I know this feeling to well. It really has nothing to do with the boss or job but more so because of a desire to fulfill my dream. When a woman is 9 months pregnant, all she knows is I have to get this baby out of me. Everything else becomes less significant and not as important, getting this baby out takes priority. Well when someone has a vision or dream that they have been pregnant with for a long time, sooner or later it will be time to deliver. When the time for delivery is near, the dream demands action. If noaction is taking then that is where the frustration comes in. So many people who say that they hate their boss or jobs actually are hating their lack of movement or action on their part to deliver their dream. So when they enter work M-F 9-5, they are becoming more and more frustrated and upset. So now they must redirect that energy and use that same passion positively to build and create their future. Once they begin to do that, they will no longer hate their boss because they will be their own boss


Don’t hide your network, share it!!!

My beliefs are that if I have a connection that can benefit a friend of mine, I will make an introduction to see if there is any synergy and build from there. I mean, why not? Isn’t that the right thing to do? Isn’t that how all business minded individuals think?

Unfortunately the answer to the last question is a resounding no. From my discussions with entrepreneurs one of the biggest shocks they have faced is when their friends or close associates refuse or do not offer their network as a resource to them. Now I have to admit that sharing netoworks can be tricky, for various reasons so its not as cut and dry as one may think.


Some reasons people do not share their networks are:

  1. Fear of people ruining relationships- Some people feel that I am not going to introduce you to someone who I have worked hard to build a relationship with and have you destroy that relationship because you do something bad. That is a very real concern. I in no way meant to imply that you share your network with everyone because that can definitely happen. Some people are not ready for some of your introductions yet. They will in fact destroy your connections if you introduce them, but there are some people who can handle it and who are ready. You know exactly who those people are, just choose wisely.
  2. Fear of people building a better and stronger relationship with YOUR connections-Yes, this is a very real concern. They feel if I make this introduction and they have nice chemistry they may connect and do great things and succeed without me. This comes from a sense of insecurity. I have noticed that when you get so consumed with your purpose, vision and business, you have no time to worry about others success or to fear it as well.
  3. Some people don’t like to mix their friends. They have work friends, childhood friends, business friends, and family friends. They keep them all separate and love it that way. Nothing you can say or do will convince them to change this behavior.
  4. Lastly, they are only focused on themselves and can careless about how others succeed or if they do. They believe, listen I made these connections and I am doing what I have to do, let them do what they have to do as well. Yes, there are plenty of individuals like this believe it or not. They feel in every relationship they have they are the ones to be supported, praised, looked up to, cheered on, given to, looked at in awe. They don’t know you to support you, they know you so that you can give all you have to them and them alone.
Group of Business people networking
Group of Business people networking

The key to being successful is building strong relationships, nurturing them and supporting each other. When people show you who they are the first time believe them and learn from it. I always say, its not lonely at the top if you bring people with you.

Why are our young black men hurting?


I have just come from an awesome basketball camp sponsored by YOUNGLIFE. We had a great time of supporting and cheering on some terrific young men while we were there. My organization ThatSuitsYOU and Dr. Alex Ellis Tiedtogreatness were guest presenters. We donated over 150 ties and suits to these young men, which was a trememdous sight to see. We also encouraged them during thier tournament all the way to the championship. I figured this would be the highlight of the week and my job was done, boy was I wrong.




Each night Young Life conducted a initimate smaller group chat with the young men. I was not ready for this. After seeing the guys eat, play basketball, try on ties, etc for most of the day I assumed they were during fairly well in everyday life. I was mistaken.  Our young men are in pain, they are hurting. Secretly hiding pain everyday that no 14-21 should have to hide. They are facing issues like

  • Living without a father in the home.

CNN recently reported that 68% of black households have 1 parent. Coming from a 2 parent household and being a parent now in a household I know how challenging it is personally to raise children with both parents. So being a sinlgle parent can be even more so. I am in no way am down playing single moms but I know the benefits that a father brings to the relationship of a young man. These young men have developed a strong resentment and hate for their absent fathers. They said they felt unloved, and abandoned.  Without their fathers being there, they are being looked at now to HANDLE the hole that their dad has left. So teenagers are asked to play the role of teenager/father in the household.

  • Lack of love/appreciate

They expressed a lack of love because they believe in alot of cases their mother treats them harsh because of the disrespect she felt from their dad. Being that he is not present they recieve the brunt of her anger. That misguided anger towards them is also displayed in front of their siblings which adds to their frustration. Also, because it is a single parent home their mother may have to work longer hours to pay all the bills for them to survive, which means less time, less communication, less interaction with the one parent that they have. Again, not to point the finger at her as she is trying to do everything that she can, but they see it as another form of neglect.

  • No one to talk to

Just the 2 issues we addressed so far can be stressful and now they feel as though they have no one to discuss these issues with. Their father is either in prison, dead or wants nothing to do with them. Their mother is working extended hours and has so many other responsibilities. They feel they can’t discuss these things with their friends because it will make them look weak, soft or vulnerble. And NO black male can have either of those characteristics because that is a definite death wish in their community. So they basically suck it up and keep everything bottled in until something triggers an explosion.



This explains the anger we see in alot of our youth. This explain the solitude, the rebellion and misunderstandings. All children want is to be heard, to be appreciated, to be loved and supported. I believe alot of times we don’t give our young men a solid chance. They face these issues addressed here and much more. I didn’t even mention gangs, drugs, racism, unfair education, stereotypes, etc.  We mix all these things together into a young man, shake it up, let it sit, give him a diploma or GED and say go be a success in life, make me proud!!!

In conclusion there is big money in the prison system. 74 BILLION dollars worth. Any smart and savvy businessman that is in a business that deals with that much money will do whatever it takes to keep that going and to increase it consistently. That is only smart business. Knowing this, we have to be proactive in our thinking to not to expect our help for this growing issue of mass incarceration to come from outside sources. We have to be creative and tenacious to build programs, nonprofits, businesses to address and curb this problem. Their very lives are at stake. To see these young men share and cry and share and console one another was life changing. While TSY provided suits and motivational information and TTG did the same, it was the relationship building that truly made an impact.

Fathers, our young men need us bad!!!

After reading this call your sons, hug them, listen to them, they NEED US!!!

Tie training video


See more videos and photos from this awesome event on our social media pages



pk boys

Why Is Running A Business So Hard?

If it was that easy, everyone would do it! That is the answer to the above question.

Yes, this is the entrepreneur generation. If my parents generation was the employer generation, then I would definitely have to  agree with that initial statement. Both of my folks worked consistently and successfully at their careers. My mother retired from Verizon and my father from NYC transit. I am very grateful and proud of them as they are happy and now do a lot of traveling with their free time.  A lot of people in my generation, like myself, wanted to go a different route.  Many wanted the opportunity to create, design, draw, speak, travel, etc.  They wanted to build their own dreams, create a worldwide brand, and make their own money. The problem is many want all of that but often forget the main ingredient in both generations is WORK!

Yes, there is no way around it, work is required. I actually believe the prior generations work ethic was so much more intense and committed than my generation and definitely the upcoming generation. Now most of the time their commitment was to being an employer than an entrepreneur but still that characteristic was key to them being successful. Whether it is because of microwaves, fast food, remote controls,  the internet, etc, we want everything quick fast.  However, you can’t put an empire in a microwave and 30 seconds later get it. There are no DRIVE THROUGH Mega Brands. Empires and brands are going to take time. There are going to take work.


In between the creation of your business and the lifestyle you desire is the road called work. That road has derailed many individuals because to drive that road you need consistency. I believe the prior generation would have been awesome entrepreneurs because they had that characteristic.  Consistency doesn’t have time to cry because it is too hard, too tough, not fair or because you are tired or sleepy. Consistency demands you continue to drive no matter how bumpy the road is and doesn’t settle for less.

Finally, try not to focus on how tough the journey is but more so on the process of getting better and on your accomplishments. The strength it takes to start the process is the same strength that you need to keep pushing forward. Remember, if it was easy everyone would do it.

How To Build a Business Empire While Not Destroying Your Family

How To Build A Business Empire While Not Destroying Your Family 

by PK Kersey


New businesses are popping up all over. Entrepreneurs are fulfilling their dreams. Men and women all over are no longer working for companies for 40-50 years and then retiring. So many individuals are launching out into the arena of entrepreneurism to test the waters and building their empire.  The reason being, some people are fed up with their 9-5, others are curious to see if they can do it and lastly some because that is all they can think about. But, whatever the reason people all over are making that shift.

One of the biggest surprises many find out when they make this shift is the time factor. Many people are really not prepared for the dramatic shift in time and effort it takes to really build a business. As stated earlier, many people are coming from a 9 to 5 where it was just that 9 to 5. Punch in at 9am leave at 5pm. Now I have been a government worker for years so let me examine that a little closer. 9 to 5 is not really 9 to 5. There is the occasional late days, long break days, extended lunch days, and don’t forget leave early days. Then also there is conversing with co-workers during the day, surfing the internet, and especially wasted time spent on social media. So if a person tries to bring this type of work experience with them when they start a business they are destined to fail. When you are the boss EVERYTHING changes.

This means there can be no more lateness for meetings, which is a reflection of you and your brand. No more long breaks, playing around, delays could cost you money. Every minute has to be accounted for and planned. The 9 to 5 aspect is over, building a brand becomes a 24 hour 7 day a week mission. That is a real culture shock for some people. What can happen is the passion that they have for their “Brand” is not matched by their passion to do the “work” of the brand. No matter how good the product is, the work has to be far better. I know so many individuals that have awesome ideas, products, inventions, however their work ethic lacks in so many areas. They are always tired, they can’t make it to this event which will really help them, because they are sleepy. Their body hurts, they need rest, they have a cold, and they don’t feel well. So many excuses because their “work” doesn’t match their “passion”.


Now putting in this work will have some effect on your family life. For those of us that are married, this mission can put a strain on a marriage, now add kids, and maybe your spouse has a job or is also building a brand, wow, that is a lot of variables going on. Now I am not saying that singles have it easy as they also have issues. But as a married man I know that if communication isn’t prioritized then frustration will be maximized. If I don’t communicate and plan with my wife about events to let her know, then I could be expecting to go to a college to speak to 1000 students about image and she could be expecting me to go to art class with 2 boys (my sons). Conversations have to be made up front that this brand is going to take up a lot of time but family time must still be made. It would be terrible to build a strong successful brand that makes millions at the expense of an awesome family. But equally as bad would be having a strong family unit but not have any finances to pay bills or to live. Some people may not like that last sentence but I believe that strongly.

I believe that sometimes we settle for less because it is challenging. We settle for not building that dream because it isn’t a simple process. However, when that happens not only do we suffer but our next generation suffers as well. Our children are depending on us to live our best life so that we can help them to live their best life as well!!

So building that business will be demanding,  it will mean long days, and no sleep. But it should not mean that your family life is ruined. In fact it should be enhanced but only with maximizing communication and being committed to make both family and business successful.