The 3 T’s Excuses of Business

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Mostly everyone wants to make more money, have a business or have more free time. No matter the race, age or gender these are the most popular desires for most of us. The problem is we allow the 3 T’s to deter us from the things we really want.


The first T is Tools. We feel we lack the tools we need to effectively maneuver our life to where we need it to be.  We feel if I only knew more, or had more or had access to more I could live like I want to.  That thought may be so real in our minds we decide to remain in our current state. I say decide because I believe it is a choice. I believe despite the apparent lack of tools, we can still achieve greatness by stepping out in the dark and working, planning and moving until we reach the light. The moment we begin to pursue better,those tools become attracted to us, but as long as we are complacent we actually repel them.

The second T is Tired. Wow, how often do people say they want more but they are so tired. Success doesn’t just happen, we have to work for it. Unfortunately if someone doesn’t want to work, or is always tired, they will never reach that destination. You will never reach the full destination on 1/4 tank of gas. The truly successful are willing to push the car until they reach the goal, not say well I tried but I am out of gas. Push beyond the tired point, push beyond your normal limits, push beyond your give up point. Tremendous success requires tremendous effort!!!



The Final T is Time.  We are all giving the same amount of time each day, so the excuse that I don’t have enough time is not valid. I know successful people that have several kids, and multiple  jobs. I also know unsuccessful people that have no kids or any jobs.  So it is not how much time we have but what we do with our time that truly matters.

Finally true success is definitely attainable but it will require us to push ourselves beyond our give up point and move pass all excuses