Why Is Running A Business So Hard?

If it was that easy, everyone would do it! That is the answer to the above question.

Yes, this is the entrepreneur generation. If my parents generation was the employer generation, then I would definitely have to  agree with that initial statement. Both of my folks worked consistently and successfully at their careers. My mother retired from Verizon and my father from NYC transit. I am very grateful and proud of them as they are happy and now do a lot of traveling with their free time.  A lot of people in my generation, like myself, wanted to go a different route.  Many wanted the opportunity to create, design, draw, speak, travel, etc.  They wanted to build their own dreams, create a worldwide brand, and make their own money. The problem is many want all of that but often forget the main ingredient in both generations is WORK!

Yes, there is no way around it, work is required. I actually believe the prior generations work ethic was so much more intense and committed than my generation and definitely the upcoming generation. Now most of the time their commitment was to being an employer than an entrepreneur but still that characteristic was key to them being successful. Whether it is because of microwaves, fast food, remote controls,  the internet, etc, we want everything quick fast.  However, you can’t put an empire in a microwave and 30 seconds later get it. There are no DRIVE THROUGH Mega Brands. Empires and brands are going to take time. There are going to take work.


In between the creation of your business and the lifestyle you desire is the road called work. That road has derailed many individuals because to drive that road you need consistency. I believe the prior generation would have been awesome entrepreneurs because they had that characteristic.  Consistency doesn’t have time to cry because it is too hard, too tough, not fair or because you are tired or sleepy. Consistency demands you continue to drive no matter how bumpy the road is and doesn’t settle for less.

Finally, try not to focus on how tough the journey is but more so on the process of getting better and on your accomplishments. The strength it takes to start the process is the same strength that you need to keep pushing forward. Remember, if it was easy everyone would do it.