Where’s My Luggage?

Lost Luggage

Over 1 million bags of luggage were lost in the last year.  Wow, that is a lot of people being Inconvenience . Can you imagine arriving at your destination only to realize that everything you need is unavailable. That is a huge problem and incredibly time consuming.  Airlines have tried their best to correct this issue but it continues to be one of the biggest challenges when traveling. I remember this happened to me when I was flying from NY to Oaklahoma. I arrived safely only to realize my luggage was in California. I contacted the airline and they corrected the problem but it was over 14 hours later. It made my stay much harder as I didn’t have some items that I was counting on using.  This got me to thinking, what if the luggage wasn’t lost, but I was!

It sounds funny but just think, my luggage was in the beautiful sunny state of California and I was in Oklahoma. I mean no disrespect to the Sooner fans but even they would have to admit that the California weather is much better.  My luggage was having a good time on the west coast and I was miserable where I was. I was basically existing without my basic essentials. Everything I needed was in that luggage. I needed it and it belonged to me but it was serving me no purpose because it was in a totally different area.


I truly believe that many times in life we put ourselves in this situation.  Our luggage or our resources, happiness, and desires which are connected to our purpose,  are in one place but we are living without them and merely existing somewhere else. Airlines are losing millions are bags of luggage but even more people are losing millions of bags of dreams.  I would have rather been in California with my luggage than to be in Oaklahoma without it. Our purpose comes with the resources we need, the relationships we need and the favor we need but we have to trust the path laid before us to enjoy it. Instead we endure and exist. We stay in relationships that are unhealthy, we work at places we literally hate to make money that will never get us to where we need to be. We stifle our growth and productivity all because of the fear of walking in purpose, which is the unknown. Now I am not saying that the path of purpose is smooth, there will be tons of challenges and disappointments but the same goes for not walking in your purpose. They both have challenges but at least with your purpose you are building your brand and vision. The return on investment is so much higher than just playing it safe.

lost-luggage1 (1)

So I will leave you with this, I am telling you that your luggage is out there somewhere. It is just waiting for you to claim it and take what rightfully belongs to you.  Don’t go through life hating your job, relationships and possessions when you have so much more that you are entitled to. No, don’t believe the lies that you can’t have it. It may be challenging and it you will have to work for it but the weather is MUCH better in California!!!