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PK has been an employee in NYS for over 20 years where he has progressed and advanced to the position of manager over 2 offices.

During this time he has been deeply involved in the ministry of helps in several ministries. Word of Faith Christian Center, Crenshaw Christian Center east and now Changing Lives Christian Center. He also has spoken at several churches throughout NY on the Word of God and how it affects us in today’s times. Through humor and knowledge many have been blessed by this experience.

He has recently started a nonprofit company, where they assist men in getting back on their feet by supplying training and professional clothing for qualified individuals.

He also has a business where he assist businesses and individuals enter the social media arena. He has been successful in assisting several business make this transition into Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and build their brand by diving into social media. Even though people may use social media everyday they are some what hesitant about promoting their business on it. PK tries to make that transition smooth and effortless at an affordable price.

Get ready for his latest book I WANT TO TALK TO A SUPERVISOR


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