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Man, I Could Never Be A Slave!!!


As we enter another February let us once again welcome in Black History month. A time set aside when the nation purposefully acknowledges the accomplishments of blacks throughout history, never mind that it is the shortest month of the year. As we begin the month I wonder does it still have the same effect as before.


Just think, this possibly could be the last Black History month that we have with a black president for a very long time. Just the very fact that we have a black president seems to speak to how far blacks have come. However, as we look at the news we still continue to see crime, murders, gangs, imprisonment, and poverty as major issues that face black people. So while we can see noticeable improvement in several areas, as a whole we still have a long way to go.

I remember in grade school when it was time to hear about Black history there always seemed to be a collective groan in the classroom because we had to hear the topic of slavery. After hearing slavery taught in class my friends and I would say, “We could never be slaves”.  I also remember when ROOTS came on TV for the first time. We discussed it in school and around the neighborhood and said that “We could never be slaves”.  We felt we were to smart, and tough to be slaves. I bet even today most of the youth would feel that they could never be slaves.

What is the definition of a Slave:

someone who is the legal property of another

So when we said we could not be a slave this is what we were referring to, however there is another definition:

A person that is strongly influenced and controlled by something


How many people could this describe? Although it is only one month, Black History month reminds us of great thinkers, inventors, and life changers. Whether it is King, Malcolm X, Douglass, Dubois, Tubman or many others they taught us to be different and not to conform. How many of us who said we could never be a slave (definition 1) are actually slaves (definition 2). Slaves to society and following the crowd. Flocking to the latest $200 dollar sneakers if we can’t afford them, the latest phone. Slaves to the opinions of others and what they think of us. Needing their approval or our day is not productive. Slaves to what society says beautiful or attractive is. Slaves to putting ourselves in debt to look important. Most importantly slaves to jobs or careers that we hate. Everyday waking up early to head to a job to spend 9 hours at a place we dread and not try to do anything to change it.


Some of the slaves we heard about in the black history lessons from school would do anything to be free, risk their life to experience freedom. The joy of freedom far outweighed the pain of the whip or punishment. Many people today prefer the pain of the frustration of their jobs over the uncertain joy of living their dreams.

So I welcome this February, I welcome this Black History month, if it does nothing else hopefully the spirit and energy of the history of past leaders and innovators can continue to motivate us in 2015 to not be satisfied with how far we have come. There is plenty of work to do and plenty more stories to be told. Trust me, you don’t want to be a slave (definition 1) or (definition 2)!!!


Major League Business 39 STRIPES

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We are delighted to feature this awesome organization this week

The founder Vakaya Townsend is a very passionate, focused, caring and dedicated young lady who has a passion to help other young ladies fulfill their purpose


39 Stripes is a non profit  organization that was founded in 2013 and it continues to flourish and effect lives.

Check out their mission

39 Stripes is an organization founded on faith to empower, uplift, and equip young ladies and women from all walks of life. We offer a program called Esther’s Court for young-ladies ages 12-17 which is a year-long program that is modeled after a Biblical queen for her diligence and courageous acts. We engage with the community through service and our Family Fun Day events and strive daily to positively impact the lives of others.

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If you go to their website you can hear, see and feel Vakaya’s commitment to helping young ladies achieve greatness.

You can also follow them on Twitter, FB and Instagram



Here are some of their upcoming events

March 28, 2015 we will have our first annual Father-Daughter Gala entitled “A Knight for a Princess” please come join us for an impactful message, dinner, dancing and spending time with your princess.

Early Bird Registration is $ 20 per family which includes a plated dinner of your choice– chicken, pork loin or vegetarian meal selection and a photographer will also be on-site.

**Regular Registration is $35

     Additional daughter(s) $10


You may register online at


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Use That Gift Before Life Takes Over




Some people may read that title and say, “Gift?”…, “What gift? I don’t have any gift!” Which I think is the biggest misconception around. I believe everyone has a gift to bring to the world. That is right EVERYONE. When I say gift I am saying talent, skill or ability that seemingly comes natural.

Now even though it may seem to come naturally there still is some grooming that is needed to perfect or mature it. Still each of us has something to bring to this world that will not only help change our lives but also has the ability to help change others. We see it all the time from actors, athletes, musicians, etc. Some people explain it as something that they would do for free if they had to because they love so much what they do. Meanwhile some other people are working extremely hard at something that they hate doing for not enough pay. What a tremendous difference in life, doing something that you love and are getting paid handsomely for it vs doing something you hate doing and getting paid poorly for it.

Sadly the latter is far more common in life than the former. Why? One reason is we allow life to dictate to us the direction that we are taking in life. When I say life I am referring to circumstances, routines, and society.

  1. Circumstances—Whether it is our wife, children or extended families, they can unknowingly change our direction. We may feel I have to work at this undesirable job to pay the bills and supply the needs for my family. Which is certainly understandable but that still should not stop you from bringing forth your talent or gift. You may have to work both at first until you can birth your true desire out fully. Unfortunately the pressure and efforts most people put in the unwanted job tires them out and drains them from completing the birth process for their dream. Listen, no question about it, it is going to take work, effort, long days, and long nights to birth your gift. Those who don’t think so will not make it to the finish line
  2. Routines—Sometimes we have such bad habits that it hinders us from living in our gift. It doesn’t matter what our gift is, ask Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, or less famous but extremely successful people. If our habits or routines are not geared on successful principles, we will not experience that successful life. So often we try to keep our old habits but expect a new great life. It is pretty simple, bad habits = bad life, poor habits = poor life, successful habits = successful life. Breaking routines are not easy at all, just think this, some people would rather die than switch mayonnaise brands, cigarette brands, or cereal brands. Now these are small irrelevant changes imagine when we have to change bigger more important things.
  3. Society—Now society does not make it easy either. They put a demand on our time. Scandal previously came on a 10:00pm EST. Then they made a switch 9:00pm EST. People had to change their whole life around to adjust. Now the people on scandal may be living their dreams but the majority of people who switched their life around were not. But society makes demand on us to adjust to them. When we are busy building our own dreams and birthing our gifts we may not be able to adjust on a dime. This is our baby, our gift and our dream and we are accountable to manage it and bring it to pass.


Don’t allow these hindrances to stop us from living the kind of life we want and really deserve. Look inside of yourself for that gift, that talent and don’t quit until you bring it out. Each day do something towards making it a reality. Otherwise you will have a life of frustration and disappointment. People you love will receive your anger and frustration simply because you didn’t tough it out and make that dream and gift a reality, and if you don’t at least you will have Channel 7 on Thursdays at 9pm EST or is it 10pm EST?!?

Why Won’t My Family & Friends Do More To Help My Business!?!?


So often this is the question I get from so many business owners I speak to. They say they expect so much more is from the people that are closer to them. They see strangers or new acquaintances doing so much more to help them build their business than people they have known for years. Though I truly understand the thinking behind this I believe sometimes it is not as accurate as we think. Let me explain….

As a business owner myself I can relate somewhat to these concerns but I cannot agree totally. I have several family members and friends that are EXTREMELY helpful to my business ideas.  They go out of their way to assist in different ways and then you have some people that couldn’t care less. I believe it varies depending on the individual. However the frustration from the people I speak to comes from having expectations that to them seem simple. They wonder why is it so hard for a long time family member or friend to simply LIKE a Facebook post, SHARE a Facebook post, RETWEET a tweet. Or come to one event they have, buy their product, or patronize their business.

Some people become really upset and take it very personal when they pour their heart out into a well thought out FB post or tweet and no one shares it or RT’s it, not even their “people”. And then 15 minutes later they see those same friends who didn’t share their post, share a irrelevant post about a WorldStar Hip hop fight, or a video about dogs doing silly tricks. They know you sell shoes but they always buy their shoes from someone else because they FORGOT about you. Lastly they know you just opened a hair salon but they always think of a reason not to go to your  shop. To add to this people they have never met are sharing, tweeting, buying and promoting them extremely hard. They post ” Hello” and 5 people they couldn’t pick out of a hat have forwarded it through all of their social media outlets.


I have found out a few reasons why this happens.

1) Sometimes people honestly do not realize how important their support is to you. They don’t realize that their tweets, shares, likes and business is extremely important and EXPECTED by you. As hard as that is to believe it is true. It may take having that conversation  and asking them why they don’t support you in those ways. It may be awkward at first but it is better than being secretly upset with people because of their apparent lack of support.

2) Some people feel very selective about their social media and decide I will share only what I decide to and nothing else. If I don’t want to share your information I won’t do it. They feel I am connected to a variety of people and I don’t want to offend anyone or promote in particular business on my pages

3) Some people are not as aware of your post, tweets, business as you think. You would be surprised how many people are not as familiar with what you are up to. That is why it is critical to continually promote your business.

4) Lastly some people really don’t want you to succeed. I put this last because I believe we think this group is larger than it is. While this group does exist I believe it is a small percentage compared to the other groups. They purposely WILL NOT do anything to help you advance. Get over your feelings about them, cease and desist any efforts to convince them. Forget and forgive. Stop spending precious time trying to figure our why they won’t support. Thinking that you went to 3 of their events so they can at least support you once. You always like and share their post so they should at least do the same. Stop it, stop it now and move past that.  Also continue to support them regardless if they ever do anything for you.


So despite these 4 groups, I believe if we really think about it, our supporters by far out number our non supporters. Listen, it is a new year, let’s not focus on the non supporters this year but let’s celebrate the people who cheer us on, the people who go above and beyond what we expect. Whether they are DAY 1 people or DAY 4589, It doesn’t really matter, and lets do the same for them. After all remember the golden rule!!!

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