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Calling All Black Men…It’s Conference Time!!!

Lucinda Cross, Cheryl Wood, Tiana Von Johnson, Camara Aunique, Kela Walker, Renae Bluitt, Tonya Rapley, Tiffany O Aliche, Janvieve Naemani Fogle, Kimberly Ferguson, Regina Robinson, Shaniece Wise Armstrong, Tricia Lee, Cameeka Smith, Dr. Tamarrah Tarver

You may say, your topic is about men so why are you listing all these women. Simply because these women are killing, and killing it big time. And this is just some of the women that I either know personally or follow who are making a tremendous impact in their respective fields. Not only are they doing it individually but corporately as well. Among them you have conferences like Tiana’s WOMEN DOING IT BIG, Lucinda’s ACTIVATE 2016, Dr. T’s PRETTY GIRL WEEKEND, Cameeka’s BOSS NETWORK and Cheryl’s PLAY TIME IS OVER 2016 to name a few. I have found that very admirable about women, how they group together and have events and pack the house. That is awesome as it displays unity, support, teamwork and dedication. Now I am quite sure that they have issues, challenges and setbacks in putting these events on but nonetheless they go forward with them and bless so many individuals.


I have only found only a few of these events for men and not nearly at the rate the women have them. One of the reasons is that black women are growing at the fastest rate in reference to entrepreneurship, which is amazing. Even with that being true, we still should be seeing more of these events involving our black men.  With have some awesome black men doing some great work and conferences would be a great way to share that information and to inspire more black males. Women are coming away from those women conferences I mentioned on fire, and determined to build their dreams and vision. That is what can happen for the next generation of men once we start having our own conferences. The knowledge and wisdom that is gained from sitting under today’s great leaders and having that up close and intimate time of dialogue is simply priceless. I appreciate the efforts BLACK ENTERPRISE have put forth with their BE MODERN MAN campaign, that I am fortunate to be a part of. They have taken the opportunity to change today’s narrative and have highlighted the accomplishments of black men across the country. We need more of that.


I was having this discussion with another gentlemen and his reasons that there aren’t as many conferences for black men as there are for black women are financial and lack of support. He basically felt that unlike women, men will not flock to see great black entrepreneurial leaders, so events will not be packed out. Also while women go to their events 3, 4 and even 10 deep with their girlfriends, men may go alone or maybe with 1 additional person. While women will travel from across the country to come to conferences men will not. And lastly most men believe that they do not need to hear what they can learn on their own. Basically putting the crib together without reading the instructions, I can wing it. Now while some points may be valid I believe that based on the success of these women’s conferences we can learn to cater to what men need to put on some real successful events. If you have the right speakers, in the right venue it can be a great opportunity. I have decided to speak to some great brothers here in NYC to do some great events. I believe the time is now and we have to take advantage of it. I have also started a Facebook group BLACK PROFESSIONAL MENtors to celebrate and highlight black men so have all the guys you know join us and let’s get busy. Come on guys we can’t let the ladies have all the fun!!!

How To Build a Business Empire While Not Destroying Your Family

How To Build A Business Empire While Not Destroying Your Family 

by PK Kersey


New businesses are popping up all over. Entrepreneurs are fulfilling their dreams. Men and women all over are no longer working for companies for 40-50 years and then retiring. So many individuals are launching out into the arena of entrepreneurism to test the waters and building their empire.  The reason being, some people are fed up with their 9-5, others are curious to see if they can do it and lastly some because that is all they can think about. But, whatever the reason people all over are making that shift.

One of the biggest surprises many find out when they make this shift is the time factor. Many people are really not prepared for the dramatic shift in time and effort it takes to really build a business. As stated earlier, many people are coming from a 9 to 5 where it was just that 9 to 5. Punch in at 9am leave at 5pm. Now I have been a government worker for years so let me examine that a little closer. 9 to 5 is not really 9 to 5. There is the occasional late days, long break days, extended lunch days, and don’t forget leave early days. Then also there is conversing with co-workers during the day, surfing the internet, and especially wasted time spent on social media. So if a person tries to bring this type of work experience with them when they start a business they are destined to fail. When you are the boss EVERYTHING changes.

This means there can be no more lateness for meetings, which is a reflection of you and your brand. No more long breaks, playing around, delays could cost you money. Every minute has to be accounted for and planned. The 9 to 5 aspect is over, building a brand becomes a 24 hour 7 day a week mission. That is a real culture shock for some people. What can happen is the passion that they have for their “Brand” is not matched by their passion to do the “work” of the brand. No matter how good the product is, the work has to be far better. I know so many individuals that have awesome ideas, products, inventions, however their work ethic lacks in so many areas. They are always tired, they can’t make it to this event which will really help them, because they are sleepy. Their body hurts, they need rest, they have a cold, and they don’t feel well. So many excuses because their “work” doesn’t match their “passion”.


Now putting in this work will have some effect on your family life. For those of us that are married, this mission can put a strain on a marriage, now add kids, and maybe your spouse has a job or is also building a brand, wow, that is a lot of variables going on. Now I am not saying that singles have it easy as they also have issues. But as a married man I know that if communication isn’t prioritized then frustration will be maximized. If I don’t communicate and plan with my wife about events to let her know, then I could be expecting to go to a college to speak to 1000 students about image and she could be expecting me to go to art class with 2 boys (my sons). Conversations have to be made up front that this brand is going to take up a lot of time but family time must still be made. It would be terrible to build a strong successful brand that makes millions at the expense of an awesome family. But equally as bad would be having a strong family unit but not have any finances to pay bills or to live. Some people may not like that last sentence but I believe that strongly.

I believe that sometimes we settle for less because it is challenging. We settle for not building that dream because it isn’t a simple process. However, when that happens not only do we suffer but our next generation suffers as well. Our children are depending on us to live our best life so that we can help them to live their best life as well!!

So building that business will be demanding,  it will mean long days, and no sleep. But it should not mean that your family life is ruined. In fact it should be enhanced but only with maximizing communication and being committed to make both family and business successful.




Just think of all the big occassions in a typical mans life….he is wearing a suit right? Whether it’s a wedding, or court date, job interview or heck even their own funeral.  Suits are worn on these occasions because men want to feel special and important.  Not only do they feel special but women love to see men look their best and a suit definitely  helps that to happen. A well tailored or fitting suit, with a power tie, cuff links, crisp shirt and polished shoes,  whoooooowe….

When you see a man walking down the street dressed like this, you don’t know if he owns the block or just has an interview on the block.  What a powerful feeling, what a confidence builder, what a great experience.

Unfortunately many men all over are missing out on these experiences because they lack the knowledge of the importance of dressing professionally and /or they lack the finances to purchase them.

I see so many of our young men who don’t know how to tie a tie or have never worn a suit. Many of them because they lack a male figure in their lives to show them and train them. I thank God my father was around to show and teach my brother and I. When boys lack these positive male figures in their life it can hinder them in so many ways. No disrespect to women who have done great jobs when they had to but I believe there are things that a man can bring that is truly significant in a young mans development

So my brother and I want to help young men experience that feeling of wearing a suit, learning how to tie a tie, and then showing others the same. We formed a non-profit called WWW.THATSUITSYOU.ORG. We recieve donated suits and ties and provide them to men who complete job training programs throughtout the country.

Men, churches, businesses, men stores all over contact us to donate clothing to us to assist us in our vision. We want to help men all over to get back on their feet and support their families.

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