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We All Can’t Be Business Owners, Can We?

I remember listening to Dame Dash interview on NYC’s Power 105.1 Breakfast Club earlier this year. There was a statement that Dame made that had everyone thinking. They were either highly in favor of what he said or highly critical of it. He basically said that he felt EVERYONE should own their own business and not work for others their whole life. Some of the Breakfast Club members disagreed for various reasons and they debated the point most of the interview.

I must have watched this interview over 50 times, and I totally, 100 percent agree with Dame, and I will tell you why.


Some of the reasons the Breakfast Club members (DJ Envy, and Charlemagne Tha God) and so many others disagreed with what Dame said were

1)Not everyone has the resources

2)Not everyone has the ability

3)Everyone can’t be owners because then who would do the work

4)Not everyone has the opportunity to be an owner

I emphatically disagree with all of these reasons as to why people cannot be owners because…

NOT EVERYONE HAS THE RESOURCES– If you read books about most successful people, so many build empires from apparently having no resources to begin with. The apparent lack of finances should not be a deterrent to achieving ownership. I say apparent because if we just look at what we see with our eyes we often miss out on so many opportunities which can only be seen with vision.

NOT EVERYONE HAS THE ABILITY-In this day and age whatever you do not know you can always learn. Whether through the internet, books, HOW TO FOR DUMMIES, or by partnering with someone who has that skill you lack. If you lack the ability to do a certain task there are several ways to overcome that. So even if initially you lack the ability to do something, it doesn’t have to remain that way. When someone is great in one area but needs help in another,  partnering with someone is a key strategic move done by many successful people all the time.


EVERYONE CAN’T BE OWNERS BECAUSE THEN WHO WOULD DO THE WORK-I find this to be a very weird concern. Do you think Oprah ever thought, “I don’t believe I should build an empire because someone may need me to work for them”. Or Michael Jordan said, “I can’t worry about winning championships because I may be needed to work for someone”. No, those are not even concerns that business owners think or care about.  They are just focused on being the best person they can be. They are dedicated to fulfilling their purpose. The only people who may be worried about that are people that are looking for excuses not to own their destiny and control their future.

NOT EVERYONE HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE AN OWNER-We have this misconception that opportunity comes to us knocking. I haven’t heard a knock, doorbell, phone call or email from opportunity. I believe opportunity passively waits around to be discovered and only the courageous, focused and determined are bold enough to take advantage of it.

So yes I believe we all can be owners, but will we? Probably not, but not because of the reasons listed. Many will not simply because they CHOOSE not to, but they definitely can, just ask Dame.

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New Year, New You?!?

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So often we start out January 1st filled with so much excitement and enthusiasm. We think about all the plans and goals we have set out for the new year. We say unlike last year we are going to get so many things done. This generally last until March before life hits us. We lose the zeal and get right back into out ‘just like last year’ mode.

One way to avoid this is to maintain daily, weekly and monthly check points to keep us on track. Yes, that means more work but it will help us to materizlize the goals that we are working for.  For instance if we want to save a certain amount of money by the end of the year, that starts with our daily, weekly and monthly choices. If we want to lose a certain amount of weight by the end of the year it starts with our daily, weekly and monthly choices. Also, it can’t change just because Mcdonalds brings back the McRibb!!!

So lets go forward to December 31st, 2015:

What weight would you like to be?

Which bills would you like to pay off?

How much money would you like to save?

What goals would you like to accomplish?

Answer these questions and others you can think of that are relevant to you, keep them somewhere that you can see everyday. Read books and watch videos that are in line with these goals and push toward making them a reality. Lastly I know Drake said “No new friends” but I disagree, surround yourself with people who are in agreement with this new direction and remove yourself from those who aren’t. (Tip on out of there).

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I will start, some goals of mine are:

Weight— 175

Save— $25,000

Bills to pay off— Loan, Discover bill

Goals—Publish book, Make an additional $50,000, Speak in a minimum 100 engagements this year

Seeing our goals like this everyday will fortify us to push harder and harder to see them come to pass.

No more having plenty of movement but no progress, if you are tired of “FERRIS WHEEL” living then different things have to be done… we want 2015 to be a year of PROGRESS!!!!

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